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my bloody valentine
m b v
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This album has been recorded as an analogue album. It was recorded on 2 inch 24 track analogue tape and mixed onto half inch analogue tape and mastered with no digital processing involved.

Your choice:

16bit 44.1 K WAV - This is CD quality with no digital compression. i.e. it's exactly like a CD. This format may not be compatible with some devices.
FLAC - Due to lossless compression this is comparable to the WAV files but with reduced file sizes. This format may not be compatible with some devices.
320kbps MP3 - This format is compatible with most devices.
24bit 96 K WAV - This format may not be compatible with some devices.

In order to purchase this product, please select the digital format you require. Then click the ‘ADD TO BASKET’ button. Your item(s) will be added to your basket, and you can proceed to checkout in the usual manner. This product is available WORLDWIDE.

Please note: WAV & FLAC files are a lot bigger than mp3s and may take considerably longer to download, so we highly recommend you connect to the Internet via an Ethernet cable to reduce your chance of experiencing any connectivity issues during the download. Not all versions of iTunes support FLAC playback.

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